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Aesthetic Group Gymnastics Federation of USA (AGGUSA) is an official A-member of the International Federation of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (IFAGG).

The National Competition entry fee is $95 per athlete. Entrance tickets for spectators of national meets will be $25 per person if the AGG competition is attached to a Rhythmic Gymnastics competition. If the national-level event is a stand-alone AGG competition, the entry fee will be $35 per person.

For international event registration, AGGUSA is responsible for registering all teams. There is a $50 administration fee for each team entry for each competition event, regardless of whether they are held in the same location or not. This registration does not include meals, transportation (any airplane fares), transfers (commutes to and from the airport, commutes to and from the hotel, commutes to and from the training facility, and commutes to and from the competition venue), or accommodation. If teams wish for AGGUSA to handle the booking of meals (provided by the competition venue), accommodation, and transfers there will be an additional fee of 15%. These fees are subject to change.

Club members are NOT permitted to communicate with the International Federation directly. Club members are also not permitted to communicate directly with foreign AGG Federations that are members of IFAGG. Only AGGUSA should be in direct communication with the International Federation or any other foreign federations.


Antidoping Rules

As a condition for participating in IFAGG events, the member must follow the WADA anti-doping rules. All gymnasts, coaches, assistants of the gymnasts, and officials are required to become acquainted with the doping rules. Information about the banned substances and methods can be found on the World Anti-Doping Agency's website: (available in several languages) IFAGG anti-doping program is being updated at the moment.


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