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STATUTES of the Aesthetic Group Gymnastics of the United States Federation(AGGUSA)


1.1  Name
The name of the organization is The Aesthetic Group Gymnastics of the United States Federation). It is domiciled in California, United States.
1.2  Role and constitution
Amongst its members, the AGGUSA is the supreme authority on all matters relating to Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (AGG) in the United States of America. The AGGUSA abides by the official International AGG Rules, which define the sport and its features.                                                                                                                      


2.1 The aims of the AGGUSA shall be:                                              
2.1.1  To spread the sport of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics and to promote its development nationally.                                         
2.1.2  To encourage friendly relations between all AGG gymnasts, officials, and other persons involved.
2.1.3  To conform with and respect the general principles and rules of the international sports movement.
2.2 The tasks of the AGGUSA shall be:                                      
2.2.1  To act as the supreme authority on all matters relating to Aesthetic Group Gymnastics in the United States.
2.2.2  To supervise and commission all aesthetic group gymnastics competitions in the United States.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
2.2.3  To draw up rules and guidelines for all members under AGGUSA and make sure they are enforced.                                                                                              
2.2.4  To maintain cordial relations with all teams under AGGUSA. All teams must represent the interests of AGGUSA.                                                                                  

3. MEMBERSHIP:         

3.1  The AGGUSA recognizes a member if;

A) All members undertake to abide by these Statutes, the IFAGG Code of Ethics, Code of Discipline, Anti-Doping Rules, and other IFAGG Rules, regulations, and the decisions of the General Assembly and Council. The AGGUSA declares that doping is prohibited, and the provisions of the WADA Code shall apply, subject to any necessary changes, to all persons and competitors under the jurisdiction of the AGGUSA and its members. The AGGUSA has the right to expel members who break these rules.

3.2 Organizations desiring membership shall write to AGGUSA a written application, which shall be accompanied by:                
Name of Club and State                                  
Governing individuals and their contact information                                                                                      
Address, phone, and email contact of the club                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Description of program and development plans of AGG in their club

Current number of gymnasts (including age and gender)
If the IFAGG Council approves the application, the organization shall be accepted as AGGUSA members

3.3 A Members shall:

Be aware of and comply with rules and regulations under AGGUSA.

Avoid any activities that could be detrimental to the interests and the status of the AGGUSA.

Fulfill the requirements of financial regulations and pay their membership fee when they are due.


3.4.1  A member may resign from the AGGUSA by a written letter of resignation to the AGGUSA federation. 

3.5.2  If a member fails to meet its financial obligations towards the AGGUSA, despite a warning sent by registered letter to the member`s official contact email, the AGGUSA federation will determine if expulsion is the next step.  

3.5.3  The AGGUSA federation may decide to expel a member that fails to meet its statutory obligations that violate the AGGUSA or IFAGG Statutes.



4.1 There is an instated membership fee of $150 due on the first of every season. December 1st.

4.1.1 The membership fee for the current year shall be payable to the AGGUSA Federation. In exceptional cases, the Council may change the payment date.

4.2 A new member shall pay its first fee before being allowed to exercise the rights of membership.


5.1 If you would like to become an international judge;

5.2 You must be​ ​AGGUSA member for the last 5 years.​

5.3 Only the Federation can register AGGUSA members for the judging course.

5.4 In order to attend a judging course on the other continents, ​you must be able to attend a judging course on American Continent at least one time in two years.

Acceptance letter to IFAGG Development project - PDF file

Any unresolved sports-related dispute between members of the AGGUSA Federation or between a member and the AGGUSA Federation that in the AGGUSA cannot be settled by reference to the Statutes shall be decided by the head of the AGGUSA Federation.      

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