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At Emerald City, our mission is to provide members the opportunity to:

  • Participate in the unique, beautiful, and expressive sports of Rhythmic Gymnastics and Aesthetic Group Gymnastics

  • Enhance athleticism, grace, and character while having fun, being challenged, and making new friends

  • Compete at the highest levels of Rhythmic Gymnastics and Aesthetic Group Gymnastic

At Emerald City, we have a passion for rhythmic gymnastics and aesthetic group gymnastics. We believe that many life lessons can be learned through these sports and that intellectual development can be enhanced through this simultaneous, multifaceted combination of movement to music, routine memorization, and attention to detail. Since our program is really about personal growth, Emerald City supports the participation of all ages and levels of commitment.

Gold Age, Adult Team Emerald AGG Team 

  • Ying Liu 

  • Xiaoyu Zhang 

  • Bing Fan 

  • Qiong Liu 

  • Yan Fa

AGGUSA Golden Team is in Rethymno, Greece!

From 3rd to 8th October 2021 - 7th GAGF edition in Rethymno, a beautiful city on the Cretan island of Greece!


General Info:

Rethymno city will host the most important European Gymnastics 20-50+ Gymnastics Festival: Golden Age Gym Festival! The European Gymnastics Golden Age Gym Festival is not only a week of recreation. Still, it also offers the possibility to all participants to improve their abilities, discover new activities and sports, and make new friendships.

This Festival for the ​20-​50+ generation has the purpose of informing the gymnasts from 50 European Gymnastics National Federations about gymnastics benefits and letting them experience different gym-related activities. The gymnasts shall have the pleasure to be involved in this unique Gym Festival where group presentations and leisure activities are planned together. The GAGF is open to gymnasts all over the globe and from 50 national European Federations affiliated to the European Gymnastics. European Gymnastics member Federations can register groups of people ​20-​50+. 

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