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Evergreen Rhythmics

Located in Seattle, Washington

EVERGREEN RHYTHMICS ACADEMY engages in promoting rhythmic gymnastics - the most beautiful sport in a fun, joyful and friendly learning environment. Our girls are from all kinds of backgrounds and age groups. We offer both competition and non-competition programs. While competition is one of the most important parts of our  team, we believe that rhythmic gymnastics is meant to exercise, entertain and touch the lives of people and gymnasts alike. We come together to be friends. With the generosity and support from our parents, the girls proudly call our team - our family! 

Right now, we are offering classes in Kent/Southcenter Area.  Classes include aesthetic group gymnastics, ballet, variety of dance, acrobatics, tumbling and apparatus work with ribbon, ball, hoop, jump rope and clubs. Postures, flexibility and coordination are emphasized in these classes. This is a wonderful sport for girls who enjoy dance and gymnastics. It is also a perfect conditioning class for dancers, gymnasts and skaters who would like to improve their flexibility and posture. Come and experience this popular and graceful sport! (We offer a free trial class so students can see exactly what this class involves!)


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