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At Emerald City, our mission is to provide girls the opportunity to:

  • Participate in the unique, beautiful, and expressive sports of Rhythmic Gymnastics and Aesthetic Group Gymnastics

  • Enhance athleticism, grace, and character while having fun, being challenged, and making new friends

  • Compete at the highest levels of Rhythmic Gymnastics and Aesthetic Group Gymnastics

Emerald City Academy of Rhythmic Gymnastics and Aesthetic Group Gymnastics promotes healthy lifestyles and character development in our students. We provide superb and elegant alternatives to traditional gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance. Rhythmic gymnastics and aesthetic group gymnastics emphasize femininity, flexibility, creativity, and artistry, and build strength, endurance, and agility.

Since opening to the public in 2009, we have experienced remarkable success for our athletes and coaches. In addition to our recreational and Rhythmic Excel programs, our Junior Olympic rhythmic gymnastics competitive program has become home to many USA Gymnastics Elite Squad Members, State, Regional, and National Champions, fourteen (14) United States National Team members in rhythmic gymnastics, and twelve (12) United States National Team members in aesthetic group gymnastics.  Our Aesthetic Group Gymnastics Junior Team is ranked 7th in the World (2019) and has competed in World Cups and the World Championships since 2018.

At Emerald City, we have a passion for rhythmic gymnastics and aesthetic group gymnastics. We believe that many life lessons can be learned through these sports and that intellectual development can be enhanced through this simultaneous, multifaceted combination of movement to music, routine memorization, and attention to detail. Since our program is really about personal growth, Emerald City supports the participation of all ages and levels of commitment.


Team Emerald  results for 2021 season:

  • International Friendship Cup, Mexico
    February 2021 - gold medal 


  • Summia Cup, Spain  
    April 2021 - bronze medal  


  • Koop Cup, Canada
    May 2021 - silver medal 


  • Four Continents, Canada
    May 2021 - bronze medal 


  • Miss Valentine, Estonia
    June 2021 - silver medal 


  • Academic Cup/World Cup/Challenge Cup, Bulgaria
    June 2021 - silver medal


  • Reima AGG Cup IFAGG B-category competition, Finland
    November 2021 - silver medal

Team Emerald:


  • Allison Garcia

  • Yuribella Garcia 

  • Valentina Gomez

  • Nina Stevens

  • Caroline Zherebetska

  • Coach, Fernanda Gutierrez


Allison Garcia .png

Allison Garcia 

nina stevens .png

 Nina Stevens 


 Yuribella Garcia 

 Valentina Gomez 


Caroline Zherebetska


Team Emerald wins Silver! 

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