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AGGUSA  is a federally recognized 501(c)3 not-for-profit company dedicated to growing the sport of aesthetic group gymnastics in America. AGGUSA is the accredited United States federation for Aesthetic Group Gymnastics and is the United States National Governing Body under the international auspices of IFAGG, the international governing body for aesthetic group gymnastics.

History of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (AGG)

Aesthetic group gymnastics first originated in Finland as a branch of Finland’s women’s gymnastics. It then gained popularity throughout Europe, particularly in Russia, Estonia, and Bulgaria. The first aesthetic group gymnastics world championship was held in Helsinki, Finland, in 2000 and has gained an audience worldwide. The sport of aesthetic group gymnastics is similar to rhythmic gymnastics but with an emphasis on fluid body movements. Aesthetic group gymnastics compete in teams of 6-10 athletes and do not allow apparatus in competitions as contrasted to rhythmic gymnastics, which is largely an individual sport involving equipment handling. A competition program will include elements of jumps, balances, swings, waves, dance steps, and lifts. Three judging panels will evaluate technical elements, artistry, and execution, respectively.

Ethical Committee:

Brian Rodli 

Kathleen Titano 

Stacy Chiang 

Technical Committee 

Elena Baltovick 

Iryna Gutnik (international guest) 

Natalia Kuznets

Head Judge

Iryna Gutnik 

National Judges

Nicole Azimirova 

Fernanda Gutierrez 

Chiara Riggerri

Line Judges

Marissa Bruce

Kate Chiang

Kaitlyn Ngo

Vianna Ngo


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