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AGGUSA is a federally recognized 501(c)3 not-for-profit company dedicated to growing the sport of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics in America. AGGUSA is the accredited American federation for Aesthetic Group Gymnastics and is the National Governing Body for the sport. It operates under the international patronage of IFAGG, the international governing body for Aesthetic Group Gymnastics.

History of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (AGG)

Aesthetic Group Gymnastics first originated in Finland as a branch of Women’s Gymnastics. It then gained popularity throughout Europe, particularly in Finland, Estonia, and Bulgaria. The first Aesthetic Group Gymnastics World Championships took place in Helsinki, Finland in 2000 and has since gained a worldwide audience. The sport of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics is most similar to Rhythmic Gymnastics but has an added emphasis on fluid body movements. Also, while Rhythmic Gymnastics has an added apparatus for its routines, Aesthetic Group Gymnastics instead has anywhere between 4 and 14 gymnasts on the carpet at one time. A competition program includes elements of jumps, balances, swings, waves, dance steps, lifts, and other body movements. Evaluation of the sport is separated into three categories of Technical Value, Artistic Value, and Execution.


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