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AGG Norcal

Located in San Jose, California

“House of Athletes and Artists”

Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (AGG) is a gymnastics discipline that emphasizes stylized, natural total body movements. While most similar to Rhythmic Gymnastics, AGG differentiates itself through fluid, harmonious body movements, and does not include apparatuses.

AGG is a team sport made up of 4 to 14 gymnasts. A competitive program will include a variety of elements, such as jumps, balances, pivots, dance steps, lifts, and body movements. The elements in the routine should flow naturally, with each movement appearing to be created by the previous one. Choreographed to music, routines require expression and a storyline.

AGG is a unique blend of competitive sport and art. Athletes in this sport need a range of physical qualities and skills, including flexibility, strength, coordination, speed, agility, expression, teamwork, and unity.

Originating from Finnish Women's Gymnastics, AGG has gained popularity in Europe and is now beginning to establish itself in the USA. Therefore, national and international level competition is possible in this sport.

We welcome dancers, artistic gymnasts, rhythmic gymnasts, figure skaters, cheerleaders, and others to join the beautiful sport of AGG!

AGG NorCal is the first and only aesthetic group gymnastics club in Northern California!


Team Golden Poppies

Team Golden Bears

Team Gold Rush

Head Coach: Mari Lira

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