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March 8-10 - Tulip Cup 

Ontario, Canada

March 16 

FREE Coaches Course on ZOOM for all members.

March 17 - AGG Spring Invitational

San Diego - INFO LINK

April 18-21 - Koop Cup 

Toronto, Canada

May 3-5 - AGG Open Cup 

Ontario, Canada

May 11-12 - Eastern AGGUSA Championship

June 1-2 - Western AGGUSS Championship

June 15-16 - AGGUSA National Championships  INFO
9586 Distribution Ave, #C

San Diego, CA 92121

June 15-16 - AGGUSA OPEN

9586 Distribution Ave, #C

San Diego, CA 92121

June 22-23 - AGG International Inter-Club Championship 
Merida/Yucatán, Mexico

October 13-20  - World Cup 

Hong Kong

November 17-24 - World  Championships

Tartu, Estonia

Why AGG, Aesthetic Group Gymnastics?


Aesthetic group gymnastics (AGG) provides great performance and competition opportunities for:

• Rhythmic Gymnasts • Artistic Gymnasts • Dancers • Sport Acro Athletes and more...


It focuses on graceful movement with gymnastic and dance techniques and includes:

• Balances • Jumps • Lifts • Body Waves • Dance Steps

Aesthetic group gymnastics offers national and international group competitions in age ranges beginning at age 8 and continuing through age 30+.

International Competitions for Aesthetic Group Gymnastics

International competitions include teams from 20+ countries, providing our teams exposure to different cultures and opportunities to make new friends. Representing the USA, teams compete around the world! 

Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles, USA

Helsinki, Finland  | Toronto, Canada | Paris, France | São Paulo, Brazil

Singapore, Republic of Singapore | Cartagena, Spain | Budapest, Hungary

Tallinn, Estonia | Graz, Austria | Milan, Italy | Almaty, Kazakhstan
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
and more...

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