On to 2021 After Three Straight World Top 10 Finishes!


June 24 - 27, 2021 Academic Cup, Sofia, BULGARIA


Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

B-category competition

Venue: Sports Hall Arena Armeec

July 5 -15, 2021  San Diego Aesthetic Group Gymnastics Camp

October 3 – 8, 2021 


Golden Age Gym Festival 

November 18 – 21, 2021 


Finnish Gymnastics Federation is pleased to invite you to the 21st World Championships in Aesthetic Group Gymnastics.

November 25 – 27, 2021 


AGG AUSTRIAN INTERNATIONAL OPEN. The tournament is an official IFAGG B-category competition.

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Why AGG, Aesthetic Group Gymnastics?


Aesthetic group gymnastics (AGG) provides great performance and competition opportunities for:

• Rhythmic Gymnasts • Artistic Gymnasts • Dancers • Sport Acro Athletes and more...


It focuses on graceful movement with gymnastic and dance techniques and includes:

• Balances • Jumps • Lifts • Body Waves • Dance Steps

Aesthetic group gymnastics offers national and international group competitions in age ranges beginning at age 8 and continuing through age 30+.

GROUP GYMNASTIC CAMP! July 5-15, 2021,  Ages 8-16 

Join us in San Diego for an aesthetic group gymnastics camp with former USA National Team Members and a guest Coach and Choreographer from  Europe!  For more details please email aggusafederation@yahoo.com, or call 239-287-1460.

To qualify to become a National Team member, athletes must:

• Be no younger than 13 years old

• Demonstrate a willingness to learn, work hard, and be a team player

• Be open to corrections and constructive criticism

• Be able to perform jumps, turns, body movements, and lifts at trials

International Competitions for Aesthetic Group Gymnastics

International competitions include teams from 20+ countries, providing our teams exposure to different cultures and opportunities to make new friends. Representing the USA, teams compete around the world! 

Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles in the United States.

Helsinki, Finland

Toronto, Canada

Paris, France,

São Paulo, Brazil

Singapore, Republic of Singapore

Cartagena, Spain

Budapest, Hungary

Tallinn, Estonia, and more...

What are the responsibilities of the National Team?

Every AGG USA Gymnastics member has the power and the responsibility to shape the culture within our sport. By practicing our shared values and staying focused on our highest priority – the safety and well-being of our athletes – we can promote an environment that empowers and supports athletes and makes participation in the sport a positive and rewarding experience for all members.

The AGG USA Gymnastics Code of Ethical Conduct (the “Code”) is our collective commitment to work ethically in all instances. It offers a tangible way to put our values into practice and guidance in situations with potential or actual ethical implications. But, ultimately, the effectiveness of the Code depends on a personal commitment from every member of the gymnastics community.

This Code is divided into three sections: (1) the Athlete Bill of Rights; (2) Ethical Obligations; and (3) Resolution of Ethical Issues. The Code does not address misconduct or abusive behaviors. Instead, the AGG USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Policy provides the definitions and mandatory reporting requirements for misconduct and abuse. All Members of AGG USA Gymnastics are required to implement and adhere to this Code.


Aesthetic Group Gymnastics Federation of USA (AGGUSA) is an official A-member of the International Federation of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics IFAGG. Click here to view the certificate.