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Coach: Svetlana Arshinova (Savenkova)

  • Honored Master of Sports

  • 8 times World Champion

  • 7 times Europe Champion

  • 2 times Champion of the World Cup Stages

  • 8 years National Team Member

  • 25+ years of coaching experience

  • 7 years in the United States

Svetlana coached National United States Champions in Rhythmic Gymnastics for the past 7 years in the United States. Her gymnasts maintained the titles through every level of their gymnastics career. Svetlana can be described not just as a coach but as a mentor to all of her students. She goes above and beyond to ensure her gymnasts succeed on and off the floor. Her ability to access her gymnast's needs, health, and happiness is her philosophy and is one of the reasons why so many gymnasts around the world hold Svetlana to the highest pedigree. Svetlana is world renowned athlete who knows what it takes to become a champion, as she herself was a champion in her own right. Svetlana is a responsible coach who will sacrifice her own needs or interests for her gymnast's success. Her love for the sport shows with the amount of passion she puts into her students on and off the floor. Svetlana will always have her gymnast's best interests at heart and will forever stay true to her morals and values as a coach.

Svetlana Arshinova.png

Coach: Arina Arshinova

  • Candidate to Master of Sports

  • 6+ years of coaching experience

  • Multiple times Champion and Medalist of National and International competitions

Arina has 12 years of experience being a gymnast & 6+ years coaching an array of athletes and gymnasts. Arina has worked with Olympic figure skaters, Latin ballroom dancers, standard ballroom dancers, hip hop dancers, and with rhythmic gymnasts.  Her ability to access the correct regiment for her students is something quite unique for someone so young.  Arina is also a fitness specialist who curates her programs to embody her speciality into her coaching. Arina has the ability to captivate the hearts of young gymnasts and athletes and have them fall in love with Aesthetic Group Gymnastics.  Arina always puts the health of her students first while they practice the right techniques of every exercise to ensure they build the proper foundation to excel in Aesthetic Group Gymnastics. Arina is caring and a responsible coach, who makes sure that her coaching brings children happiness, joy and results. She may be young but has the experience of a veteran.

Arina Arshinova.png
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