TEAM CARINA Orange County, CA

The Club was founded in 2004 by B.B. Ignatova and Ivanka Kirov. Both B.B. and Ivanka are renowned experts in rhythmic gymnastics. They also hold master's degrees in Physical Education and Coaching Science. They have coached national team athletes from Bulgaria, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Thailand, China, Canada, and the USA. Their young generation of talented athletes already won a number of gold medals at State, Regionals and National Meets. EuroGymnastics delivers a comprehensive quality rhythmic program, allowing each and every athlete to achieve the ceiling of her potential. Our Philosophy is based on the experience and the expertise our leading coaches B.B. Ignatova and Ivanka Kirov have gained throughout their over 20 years of coaching experience in Europe and North America. Our program is an exciting mosaic built on the foundation of the Bulgarian school of thought, renowned for its unique apparatus technique, the strengths of the Russian system known for developing clean elegant lines and beautiful body technique, as well as the principles of ethical behavior and morals in sport.

We believe in:

  • Gradually Building and Nurturing our Athletes

  • Developing a Strong Love for the Sport

  • Teaching our Athletes Discipline and Respect (toward coaches, parents, team-mates and themselves)

  • Teamwork

  • Having a Vision and Clear Goals

  • Providing a Training Program which will Bring the Athlete to the ceiling of her Natural Talent and Abilities

  • Creating Well-Rounded Individuals and Future Leaders both in Sport and Everyday Life

  • Winning Isn’t Everything – But Making the Effort to Win Is!