2022  Yearly Membership Dues: 

• Athlete $150 • Professional $175 • Junior professional $175  • Member club $300 • Judging association $275

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Aesthetic Group Gymnastics Federation of USA (AGGUSA) is an official A-member of the International Federation of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics IFAGG.


Rules and Antidoping

As a condition for participating in IFAGG events, the member must follow the WADA anti-doping rules. All gymnasts, coaches, assistants of the gymnasts, and officials are required to become acquainted with the doping rules. Information about the banned substances and methods can be found on the World Anti-Doping Agency's website: 
http://www.wada-ama.org/ (available in several languages)

IFAGG anti-doping program is being updated at the moment.


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20-50+ GAGF Rerhymno Info

From 3rd to 8th October 2021, Rethymno city will host the 50+ European Gymnastics Festival: Golden Age Gym Festival! The European Gymnastics Golden Age Gym Festival is not only a week of recreation but also offers the possibility to all participants to improve their abilities, to discover new activities and sports, and make new friendships. This Festival for the 20-50+ generation has the purpose of informing the gymnasts from 50 European Gymnastics National Federations about gymnastics benefits and let them experience different gym-related activities. The gymnasts shall have the pleasure to be involved in this unique Gym Festival where group presentations and leisure activities are planned together. The GAGF is open to gymnasts from 50 national European Federations affiliated to the European Gymnastics. 

INFO: Please download the PDF brochure


21st World Championships in Aesthetic Group Gymnastics, AGG Junior World

Finnish Gymnastics Federation is pleased to invite you to the 21st World Championships in Aesthetic Group Gymnastics, AGG Junior World Championships, and IFAGG Trophy 2021 which will be held in Helsinki, Finland, on 18 - 22, November 2021. \

Website: www.agghelsinki2021.fi

INFO: Please download the PDF brochure