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Magga Cup Malaysia 2022 - 4th place 

Chálame Cup IV Malaysia 2022 - 6th place after finals 

Junior National Team 

World Championships Graz Austria 2022 - finalist finished in the top 12 
 Free Program 

6-8yo Team Sky Stars-1st Place 

Team Crystal-2nd place 

8-10yo Team Emerald Gold-1st Place

Team Sky Galaxy - 2nd Place

10-12yo Team Diamond-1st Place 

12-14yo Team Emerald Bay-1st Place 

Juniors: Team Carina-1st Place 

Seniors: USA National Team -1st Place 

Short Program 

6-8yo: Team Grace Shine - 1st Place 

Team Emerald Petites -2nd Place 

8-10yo: Team Grace - 1st Place 

Team Sky Light - 2nd Place 

12-14yo: Team Emerald -1st Place 

Seniors: National Team -1st place 

November 2022, AGG Graz World Championships 2022 - FINALS - Team USA
November 2021, Finland. Team Emerald, Short Program 10-12yo 
June 2021, Bulgaria. Team Emerald, Short Program 10-12yo 
October 2019, USA Junior National Team, Tallinn, Estonia World Cup 
October 2019, USA Senior National Team, Short Program, Tallinn Trophy Finals
May 2019. Team USA, Junior Long Program, AGG World Championships Preliminaries
June 2018, Team Grace, Juniors. AGG World Championships Preliminaries
November 2022, AGG Graz World Championships 2022 - Team Emerald USA
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